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TitleLearning Adobe Photoshop CS3
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                            Leanring Adobe Photoshop CS3
Introduction to Photoshop and Layers
	Loading Photoshop
	The Tools Palette
	Using the Tools
	The Palette Group
		A	Loading a Sample File
		B	Looking at the Layers
		C	Layer Visibility
		D	Locking Layers
		E	Naming Layers
		F	Deleting Layers
		G	Adding a New Layer
		H	The Layer Order
		I	Layer Opacity
	Screen Views
	The Zoom Tool
	The Hand Tool
	The Navigator Palette
	Photoshop Assignment 1
Selecting Parts of Images
	Loading a Sample Image
	The Editing Tools
	The Edit Marquee
		A	The Rectangular Marquee Tool
		B	The Elliptical Marquee Tool
	Deselecting Objects
	The Lasso Tools
		A	The Lasso Tool
		B	The Polygon Lasso Tool
	The Quick Selection Tool
		A	Selecting the Cat
		B	Adjusting the Selection
		C	Refining the Edges
	Feathering the Selection
	Adding the Image to a Background
	Resizing Images
	Saving the Document
	The Magic Wand Tool
	Step Backwards and Step Forwards
	Photoshop Assignment 2
Modifying Images
	Selecting the Correct Layer
	The Liquify Tool
		A	The Hand Tool
		B	The Forward Warp Tool
		C	The Reconstruction Tool
		D	Twirling
		E	The Pucker Tool
		F	The Bloat Tool
		G	The Push Left Tool
		H	The Mirror Tool
		I	The Freeze Mask Tool
		J	Turbulence
	Completing the Liquify Effect
	The Filter Gallery
		A	Artistic and Brush Stroke Filters
		B	Undoing an Effect
		C	Distort
		D	Sketch
		E	Stylise
		F	Texture
	Photoshop Assignment 3
The Drawing Tools
	Starting a Blank Document
	Drawing Normal Shapes
		A	Drawing Rectangles
		B	Rectangle Styles
		C	Creating Buttons
		D	Creating a Rollover Button
		E	Removing Styles and Effects
	Custom Shapes
		A	Selecting a Shape
		B	Other Custom Shapes
	The Freeform Pen Tool
	Creating Custom Borders or Frames
		A	Creating a Frame
		B	Adjusting the Frame
		C	Adding a Picture to the Frame
	Photoshop Assignment 4
Combining Shapes
	Starting a New Document
	Creating a Combined Shape
		A	Drawing a Rectangle
		B	Cutting a Shape Out of the Rectangle
		C	Adding Shapes to Shapes
		D	Subtracting From the Shape
		E	Intersecting Shapes
	Exercise 5-1
	Using Shapes With Photographs
		A	Loading the Image
		B	Magnifying the Head of the Cat
		C	Adding the Shapes
		D	Excluding Part of the Circle
		E	Adding to the Magnifying Glass
	Photoshop Assignment 5
Adding Text to Designs
	Starting a New Document
	Entering Text
	Altering Text
	Warping Text
		A	Single Arced Text
		B	Multiple Arcs
		C	3-Dimensional Effects
		D	Text Orientation
	Vertical Text
	Adding Effects to Text
	Typing Text Along a Path
	Moving Text on a Path
	The Character and Paragraph Palettes
	Creating a Poster
		A	Entering the Main Heading
		B	Adjusting the Main Heading
		C	Entering the Sub Headings
		D	Looking at the Layers
	Photoshop Assignment 6
Adjusting the Look of Images
	Loading a Sample File
	The Blur Tool
	The Sharpen Tool
	The Smudge Tool
	The Sponge Tool
	The Burn Tool
	The Dodge Tool
	Gradient Fills
		A	The Gradient Settings
		B	Applying the Gradient
	Removing Backgrounds
	Colour Adjustment
	The Red Eye Removal Tool
	Photoshop Assignment 7
Combining Photographs
		A	Selecting the Photographs
		B	Looking at the Photos
		C	Adjusting the Alignment
		D	Changing the Layout
	Cropping an Image
	Merging Images to a HDR File
	Web Photo Galleries
	Contact Sheets
	Photoshop Assignment 8
Creating Masks
	Creating a Transparent Layer
	Drawing a Circular Selection Area
	Filling the Selection Area
	Naming the Layer
	Adding a Background File
	Adjusting the Mask
	Other Masks
		A	Creating the Mask Shape
		B	Inserting a Photo
		C	Creating the Mask
		D	Enhancing the Mask
	Photoshop Assignment 9
Saving Files
	Saving a Copy of a File
	Saving as a JPEG Format
	Saving Images for the Web
		A	Saving for the Web
		B	JPEG or GIF Formats
		C	Setting the Size of the Photograph
		D	Compression Settings
		E	Optimizing the File Size
		F	Previewing in a Browser
		G	Saving
	Saving Layers
		A	Adding Some Text to the Image
		B	Saving the Layers
Photoshop Project 1
	Investigating the Problem
	Designing the Solution
	The Solution
Cloning Images
	The Clone Stamp Tool
		A	Loading the Image
		B	The Clone Stamp Settings
		C	Cloning
		D	Unaligned Cloning
	Removing the Cat
	Cropping Images
	Photoshop Assignment 11
Patches and Healing Brushes
	The Patch Tool
		A	Loading the Image
		B	Using the Patch Tool
	The Healing Brush Tools
		A	The Spot Healing Brush Tool
		B	The Healing Brush Tool
	Photoshop Assignment 12
Applying Filters
	Loading the Sample Photo
	Selecting the Background
		A	Selecting the Car
		B	Setting the Feather
		C	Inversing the Selection
	Applying a Gaussian Blur
	Motion Blurs
	Applying Filters on the Car
		A	The Reduce Noise Filter
		B	Sharpen Filters
	Smart Filters
		A	Turning Smart Filters On
		B	Applying a Lighting Effect Filter
		C	Editing the Filter
	Photoshop Assignment 13
Fill and Adjustment Layers
	Exposure layers
		A	Loading the Sample Photo
		B	Inserting the Exposure Layer
		C	Displaying Part of the Background Layer
		D	Adjusting the Exposure
	Levels Layers
		A	Loading the Sample Photo
		B	Inserting the Levels Layer
	Applying Multiple Layers
		A	Loading the Sample Photo
		B	Inserting a Brightness/Contrast Layer
		C	Setting a Black & White Layer
		D	Colourizing the Face
		E	Exercise 14-1
	Photoshop Assignment 14
Advanced Layer Uses
	Loading the Image
	Duplicating the Layer
	Blurring the Image
	Adding a Mask to the Layer
	Sharpening the Eyes
	Merging Layers
	Creating a Duplicate Layer
	Enhancing the Eyes
		A	Selecting the White Eye Area
		B	Enhancing the White Area
		C	Enhancing the White in the Right Eye
		D	Merging the Layers
		E	Setting the Eye Colour to Blue
		F	Highlighting the Pupils
		G	Setting the Eyes Behind the Eye Sockets
	Looking at the Original Face
	Photoshop Assignment 15
The History Palette and History Brush
	Using the History Palette
		A	Loading the Sample Photo
		B	Altering the Photo
		C	Looking at the History Palette
		D	Returning to Previous States
		E	Removing Individual States
		F	Taking Snapshots
		G	Creating Documents at States
		H	Adding New Steps to a Document
	The History Brushes
	Photoshop Assignment 16
Working With Perspective
	Lens Correction
		A	Loading the Sample Photo
		B	Applying the Lens Correction Filter
		C	Adjusting the Vertical Perspective
		D	Interesting Lens Correction Effects
	The Vanishing Point Filter
		A	Loading the Sample Photo
		B	Selecting the Source Plane
		C	Selecting the Vanishing Point
		D	Cloning the Window
	Enhancing Shadows
	Photoshop Assignment 17
Colour Adjustments
	Match Colour
		A	Loading the Sample Photo
		B	Using the Match Colour Dialogue Box
	The Curves Tool
		A	Loading the Sample Photo
		B	Opening the Curves Dialogue Box
		C	Setting Target Values
		D	Selecting the Colours in the Image
		E	Accurately Selecting Colours
	Exercise 18-1
	Photoshop Assignment 18
	Time Lapse Photography
		A	Loading the Sample Photo
		B	Creating the Layers
		C	Inserting the Frames
		D	Tweening
		E	Adjusting the Time Delay
		F	Copying Frames
		G	Saving as QuickTime Movie
	Creating Animated GIFs
		A	Starting a New Document
		B	Entering the Text
		C	Setting the Text as a Selection
		D	Creating the First Colour Layer
		E	Adding a Gradient Fill
		F	Creating the Second Colour Layer
		G	Creating the Third Colour Layer
		H	Creating the Fourth Colour Layer
		I	Animating the Logo
		J	Saving
	Exercise 19-1
	Photoshop Assignment 19
Useful Tools
	The Magnetic Lasso Tool
		A	Loading the Sample Photo
		B	Selecting the Cat
		C	Adjusting the Selection
		D	Refining Edges
		E	Removing the Background
	Replacing Colours
		A	The Replace Colour Dialogue Box
		B	The Colour Replacement Tool
	Resizing an Image
	Canvas Size
	Photoshop Assignment 20
Photoshop Project 2
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Learning Adobe Photoshop CS3

NOTE: Your shape will probably be different to the one displayed.
The SHAPE box in the OPTIONS BAR at the top of the screen
can be used to select different shapes.

3 Click and hold on the SHAPES TOOL,
select the CUSTOM SHAPE TOOL and
drag a shape on the screen.

4 Select the PENCIL TOOL from the
BRUSH TOOL in the TOOLS palette
and click on the canvas.

5 Sometimes the program will ask you
to rasterise or simplify a layer when a
tool is to be used. Click on OK when
this happens.

2 Select the SHAPES tool and drag a
shape on the canvas.

Page 19

© Guided Computer Tutorials 2008 1-5

1Introduction to Photoshop and Layers

The Palette Group
At the right of the screen are a series of palettes that contain many of Photoshop’s
operating tools and features. Some of these palettes are open, some behind the opened
palettes and some are collapsed. You simply open the required palette when you need
to use a tool by clicking on its tab or its icon. You can also add or remove palettes from
the group.

NOTE: i If the SWATCHES palette is not in the PALETTE GROUP you
can display the WINDOW menu and select SWATCHES to
open it.

ii If your screen is totally different to the one in the diagram,
display the WINDOW menu, highlight WORKSPACE and
select DEFAULT WORKSPACE to display the standard
Photoshop screen.

6 Drag some pencil lines on the canvas.
You can select a BRUSH SIZE from the

1 Click on the SWATCHES palette tab
to bring it to the front of its group.
You can select colours from this

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1Introduction to Photoshop and Layers

Photoshop Assignment 1

Your task for this Assignment is to create a simple sketch using some of the drawing tools
from the TOOLS palette. If you cannot think of anything to draw, the following sketch of
a racing car could be attempted.

Ask your teacher to check your sketch.

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Learning Adobe Photoshop CS3

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