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 Resolution dated 26th September, 1980-Govt. appointed

Committee for Implementing Legal Aid Schemes(CILAS)

under the chairmanship of J. P.N.Bhagawati.

 On a review of the working of CILAS certain deficiencies

came to the fore.

 So it was felt desirable to constitute statutory legal

authorities at the National, State and District levels for

effective monitoring of legal aid programme.

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 “case” includes a suit or any proceeding before a court.

 “District  Authority” means a District Legal Services Authority.

 “Central Authority” means the National Legal Services Authority.

 “State Authority” means a State Legal Services Authority.

 “court” means a civil, criminal or revenue court and includes any 

tribunal or any other authority constituted under any law for the time

being in force, to exercise judicial or quasi-judicial functions.

 “legal service” includes the rendering of any service in the conduct of 

any case or other legal proceeding before any court or other authority

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 Sec. 3 – Constitution

i. the Chief Justice of India who shall be the Patron-in-Chief;

ii. a serving or retired Judge of the Supreme Court to be

nominated by the President, in consultation with the Chief 

 Justice of India, who shall be the Executive Chairman; and

iii. such number of other members prescribed by the Central

Government, to be nominated by that Government in

consultation with the Chief Justice of India.

iv.  The Central Government shall, in consultation with the Chief 

 Justice of India, appoint a person to be the Member Secretary 

of the Central Authority to function under the Executive

Chairman of the Central Authority.

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m. making special efforts to enlist the support of voluntary social

 welfare institutions working at the grass-root level, particularly 

among the SCs and STs, women and rural and urban labour;

n. Coordinating and monitoring the functioning of State

 Authorities, District Authorities, Supreme Court Legal Services

Committee, High Court Legal Services Committees, Taluk 

Legal Services Committees and voluntary social services

institutions and other legal services organizations and giving 

general directions for the proper implementation of the legal

services programmes.

 Sec 5-In the discharge of its functions the Central Authority 

shall act in coordination with other governmental and non-

governmental agencies, universities and others engaged in the

 work of promoting the cause of legal services to the poor.

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