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Linked List

By Nick Parlante Copyright ©1998-2002, Nick Parlante

This document reviews basic linked list code techniques and then works through 18
linked list problems covering a wide range of difficulty. Most obviously, these problems
are a way to learn about linked lists. More importantly, these problems are a way to
develop your ability with complex pointer algorithms. Even though modern languages
and tools have made linked lists pretty unimportant for day-to-day programming, the
skills for complex pointer algorithms are very important, and linked lists are an excellent
way to develop those skills.

The problems use the C language syntax, so they require a basic understanding of C and
its pointer syntax. The emphasis is on the important concepts of pointer manipulation and
linked list algorithms rather than the features of the C language.

For some of the problems we present multiple solutions, such as iteration vs. recursion,
dummy node vs. local reference. The specific problems are, in rough order of difficulty:
Count, GetNth, DeleteList, Pop, InsertNth, SortedInsert, InsertSort, Append,
FrontBackSplit, RemoveDuplicates, MoveNode, AlternatingSplit, ShuffleMerge,
SortedMerge, SortedIntersect, Reverse, and RecursiveReverse.

Section 1 — Review of basic linked list code techniques 3
Section 2 — 18 list problems in increasing order of difficulty 10
Section 3 — Solutions to all the problems 20

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