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Katelin Lucine

Ms. Gardner

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7 March 2014

Three Women Change One Life

Throughout the novel Great Expectations, Charles Dickens indicates that love is not only

connected with women, but with the power that each woman conveys. Three women play a

considerable role in Pip’s development into a gentleman: Mrs. Joe, Miss. Havisham, and Estella.

Each woman creates this indefinite relationship with Pip. Mrs. Joe was like Pip’s mother, but she

did not respect him the proper way a mother should. Miss. Havisham has a unique type of love

for Pip. She has the idea of a proper gentlemen that she wished Compeyson would have been for

her. When Estella met Pip, she knew he would eventually fall in love with her because of her

beauty; however, Miss. Havisham raised her to be discourteous toward men, so it ended up being

a one-sided relationship. Not only do the women in this novel have power and authority but they

also have their own way of interacting with Pip that, in the end, will either help him or destroy

him forever.

Mrs. Joe acted as a mother to Pip all throughout his life since his biological parents died

when he was young. Even though Mrs. Joe was not his mother, he was lucky to have someone

look after him and care for him. A good mother in society today cares for their children; the

children are +treated with respect and are given love and attention. Mrs. Joe, on the other hand,

is a polar opposite. She “brought [Pip] up by hand,” and by raising Pip this way, he became used

to the abuse (7). He eventually expected it to occur. During the exposition of Dickens’s novel,

Pip’s dull and shameful past foreshadows the lonely conclusion to this gothic story. Mrs. Joe

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