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Powering Your World with Your Imagination
Formatting Imagination into a Vision - Part 1
Formatting Imagination into a Vision - Part 2
Why Can’t We Hold A Vision And Manifest It?
Thinking Out Of the Box and Creating a New Vision
How Do I Expedite The Manifestation Of My Vision?
Inspiring Thought Is Mastering Life
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Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life

Master Key To Imagination
Practical Spirituality Guide for Everyday Life

By Andrey Karra

Master Key To Imagination

This eBook is dedicated to my Eternal Teacher, Sri Tulshi Sen, for I am forever thankful
for his wisdom and guidance in my path on personal development and spiritual growth,

to my family for their undying support and inspiration. Thank You.

The material contained in this guide is for informational purposes only and is meant to assist you in your study of
reading “Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World” book and meditation on the four proclamations. I have made
every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information herein. However, the information contained in this guide is
presented without warranty, either expressed or implied. No part of this publication shall be modified or sold in whole
or in part in any form, without the prior written consent of the author. The image of a flying man displayed on the
cover of this guide is by Martin Stranka.


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Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life

The Mind is the ultimate bully and we get bullied by it all our life.

When we are in control of our mind, we are in control of our life. Are we in control of our
mind as much as we would like to be? How do we control our mind?

The ancient Masters have one answer and that answer is not an easy one - by
continuous practice and detachment to the process of creation. The Masters say that just
because our consciousness has been awaken, it does not mean a thing if we do not have
control over our mind.

All limitations are of the mind and all freedom is of the mind.

The mind is like a white piece of cloth. Whatever color we dip it in, it becomes that color.
This example, this metaphor that is given in the book from Upanishads says "Our
individuality is made up of consciousness, body, mind, and intellect". Let's vision this
picture, let's vision this idea. The body, mind, intellect, and senses are the equipment of

I am talking to you intellectually now, so I can enter your heart through your intellect
because your intellect is the security guard. It will not allow any thought to enter your
heart and your consciousness if it does not find an identification point. The body, mind,
intellect, and the senses are the equipment of consciousness to take you to your

The Upanishads of the Vedas draw the vivid picture of our individuality. It says that
consciousness is a rider. For example, it is a passenger in the chariot, which is the body,
our body. So, it is your consciousness in the passenger seat in the chariot, which is your
body. The intellect is the driver of the chariot. The reigns, which guide the horses, is the
mind and the horses are the senses. These turbulent senses are the horses. The
passenger tells the driver, which is the intellect, where to go.

If we went on a taxi and we told the taxi driver to go north and he goes south, we would
not be happy, would we? No way. The driver of the taxi is our intellect. We have hired
the taxi, that is our body and it must obey us.

You are the consciousness and your engine are the senses while the steering wheel is
your mind. The intellect must hear the mind. The senses must take you to where you
want to go, where your consciousness wants to go, and you are the consciousness. This
is the state of affairs with your life as you drive through life.

Now, let's backtrack a bit. We are told throughout history the same thing in all parts of
the world. We say “As the Universe, so the Individual, and as the Individual, so the
Universe”. We are told that “As the Macrocosm, so the Microcosm, and as the
Microcosm, so the Macrocosm”.

We are told “The spark of the blaze is equal in power to the blaze because it can produce
the same blaze”. In most cosmogeny it says that “God and Man are One”.

Master Key To Imagination

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Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life

The man is made in the image and likeness of God. That means he can do what God can
do. The image is the same as the object that reflects that image. A drop of the ocean
has all qualities of the ocean in that drop. So, by looking at all the allegories of creation
including our Universe there is one thing in common- it was all done by imagination. It
was imaged.

It was told to us in the cosmogeny that “As above, so Below. As the Macrocosm, so the
Microcosm”. These are the metaphors to tell us how and what we can do, how we create
our world. All the major cultures tell us that you and I are the creators of the world, our
own world. That means we do what the creator does. The creator creates and we create.

Everyone has their own story. If we notice, the native Indians of North America have
their story of the Turtle Island. The genesis of the western world has their story of
creation and there are allegories in the beginning. Then we have the Vedic cosmogeny,
several of them. Why are these stories given? These stories tell us how we create our

In the native Indian culture the story of the Turtle Island has different variations
depending on which part of the North American continent and which tribe we are talking
to. In general it goes like that.

“In the beginning there was only water. The muskrat and the beaver and all the other
animals were swimming tirelessly. There was no place to rest or to stop. There was only
water. So, they dived down to the bottom of the water but could not reach any bottom.
They tried again and again. Then the muskrat found a piece of earth on the bottom and
brought it up, but where could he put the earth? He put it on a turtle that was floating in
the water. Then the beaver went down and brought the earth in his hand. He brought it
up to the surface of the water and so on until the turtle's back was filled with the earth.
The sun from above dried it and that became the earth”.

Now, this is an allegory. In all cultures all across the world the water represents spirit.

Spirit is consciousness.

We go deep down in our consciousness. This is in every culture and we know there was
no shore, there was no earth, there was only water. From spirit came water and earth,
from spirit comes matter. If we dive into the spirit of life, we will find the vision, the
earth. The turtle is a symbol of patience, trend, and longevity of the movement. We put
that vision on the earth and the sun, being the brain, dries it.

We know even in astronomy the sun rules the brain center.

We hold that vision with the mind, the vision of the earth and that becomes the
manifestation. This is how we create everything. We dive into our consciousness, hold
the image, bring it up to the surface and put it on the turtle. The turtle is us. Then we
hold the vision with patience and it holds as a manifestation.

Master Key To Imagination

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Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life

Mastering our mind is Mastering life.

Having riches without Mastering our thought is a perfect recipe for failure.

Mastering thought is also a perfect recipe for riches and success.

The proof is obvious. All we have to do is look at the statistics of all the lotto windfall
winners and see how many of them were happier than before they became rich. How
many of them were broke in a very short period of time? Most of them were broke both
emotionally and financially. They were not able to think the thoughts that truly rich and
successful person would think.

Remember, it is our purpose to become the Masters of thought to think the thoughts we
want to think and not the thoughts that we are almost forced to think by our
circumstances. We know thoughts make us and thoughts break us, yet how much time
do we spend to become Masters of our thoughts?

The degree of how much we love ourselves can be measured by how much effort we put
into the practice of mastering to think the thoughts we choose to think, regardless of our
circumstances. Without this mastery all our knowledge of success will only be printed
pages of useful information overloading our mind. Without the mastery of these books,
these books would be a good wallpaper.

Most of the knowledge of success we have is quite accurate, but what good is it to us if
we are not able to use it to become successful? We know the theories, we know that if
we think rich, we will become rich but how do we think rich?

What is stopping you from thinking rich and success?

Why are we always struggling with our thoughts and then begin to add conditions to our
thoughts and there goes the purity of our thoughts, then confusion reigns. Meditation
enables the mind. Yes, we know the thought is the creative power. We know that the
mind is the processor of thought. We also know that the mind does not allow us to
process the thoughts that it has no experience of. It will call these thoughts absurd.

For example, in a poor man's mind we cannot put the thought of riches that easily. At
best, we can put the thought of being a little well off. It is only through meditation that
we can enable the mind to think the thoughts we want to think, regardless of
circumstances. No amount of theory can do it. This one thing, we can safely say, is

You cannot train the mind with the mind.

It is like asking the tiger to take itself to the circus. We must prepare ourselves to
comprehend the answers. We have to. The above mentioned questions are of immense
value to all of us. Practice the four proclamations one at a tame. Try to allocate at least
a week for each proclamation. They will bring the mind under control.

Master Key To Imagination

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Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life

Master Key To Imagination

Then, follow the four steps to visioning laid out in the book. Meditation on the four
proclamations is indispensable to success. It will give you the joy that transcends all joy.
It is the prescription for success. It is the prescription for living an anxiety free life, and
living a life of abundance.

The mind will try to trick you into not meditating. Believe me, it will. The mind is very
smart. It does tempt you to avoid meditation with simple laziness, procrastination, or a
bit of sleepiness. Even if you are able to overcome those temptations and sit down to
meditate, it will bring all kinds of silly, unimportant, and irrelevant thoughts. Ignore it!

And even if necessary, just mechanically continue to repeat the proclamation you are
meditating upon. Upon completion of your meditation get up and go about your day
holding the image, the meaning of that proclamation. The mind is like a dog. Do not
worry, soon it will get trained and then you will take it for a walk and it will fetch for you
whatever you command.

Remember, if you do not have control over your mind, then all success principles,
however scientific they may be, are of no use to you if you do not have control over
your… well, I think you know by now how this sentence ends.

Remember the proclamations,

o Consciousness Is The Creator, ”Pragyanaam Brahman”
o That Thou Art, “Tat Tavm Asi”
o My Consciousness Is The Creator, “Ayam Atman Brahman”
o I Am The Creator, “Aham Brahmasmi”

The entire world has these four proclamations, almost all the cultures, east and west.
Nothing can be more important than this, nothing in this world, even when everything is

“You Can Create The Life You Want, Live As You Want To Live
And Know That You Are The Creator Of Your Own Destiny.”

I want to thank you for taking your time to read this guide. My goal was to get you
empowered, inspired, and motivated to take action and create the life you truly desire.

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