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176 Narada

Hrdaya the Kavaca. The Vija, Sakti, Prakrti and Viniyoga are
the same as before. So the sages say. (22)

Now I am describing the all-siddhi giving nyasa of the afore-
said mantra. On hand, head, outside and the two sides one is to
make vyapaka nyasa and with bindu and Om twice one will have
to make the nyasa of the mantra for internal friendship. (23)

The steady intelligent devotee should take the aforesaid sthiti
mantra (i.e. eighteen lettered) on the ten Sakhas u'.e. arm, fingers)
up to the thumb of the right hand {i.e. perform karanyasa);
hereby srstinyasa is performed, Moreover on the left hand he is to
form samhrti rryusa (in the reverse order) by the three first words
of the above mantra. (24)

Note:—By repeating "om" in the beginning and in the end
of the mantra and adding "namah" lastly one is to make the nyasa
beginning form the right thumb and ending with the left thumb.
This is called Srsfi-nyasa. Similarly beginning from the left
thumb and ending with the right thumb and making nyasa of the
mantra is called the samhrti or samhara-nyasa. Similarly
beginning from the middle finger, the nyasa is called the sthiti-

By samhara-nyasa, the defects and evils are removed; by
srsti-nyasa, learning is aquired by pure minded persons ; and by
ethiti-nyasa, the house-holders get the fruits of their desires. These
three nyasas ought to be done by all. Wh.n unable, one must do
one nyasa at least. The householders do sj§ji nyasa, the Vana-
prasthas do sthiti-nyasa ; and the dispassionate munis do the
samhara nyasa.

Next the wise devotee should perform only the sthiti-nyasa,
the Dasanga-nyasa as well as angapancaka-nyasa and kara-
nyasa. (25)

The devotee is to make the nyasas on the armpit joint, on the
elbow, on the wrist, on the bases of the fingers, and on the tips of
the fingers. The nyasas beginning with the armpits are called sr«i-
nySsas ; those beginning with the wrist are called sthiti-nyasas; and

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