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Hope all of you are doing well. I took boards today and came up with a list to help you all out. It's not a bad exam and overall you just need to
not get tired and get through it. I finished in 4 hours, and thought at least 200-250 questions were SUPER easy and basic. I didnt get
anything that I had never seen before and school prepared us pretty well for it but my main complaint would be that for TMJ stuff dr. ferriero's
info is not enough. Make sure you know borders of the spaces in the TMJ and the ligaments really well. Other than that, not many repeats,
but a ton of testlets and hormone stuff which was good for me. For anatomy focus on head and neck and arm, they barely go outside of
those areas!

뭐 그런거..

lingual cusp of mandibular 1st premolar occludes with nothing.


sphingosine – sphingomylein lysosomal storage disorder

- Most common skin cancer - basal cell carcinoma?
- Prion- brain
- Sphingosine – from palmatol acid and serine
- Germination and fusion in dental anatomy:

Concrescence: 2 completely formed teeth at their roots are confluent

Fusion: confluent dentin, 2 tooth buds

Germination: development of 2 crowns from one tooth bud, sharing a
single root and root canal

-Maxillary sinus – drain by semilunar hiatus
-When u cut trachea mid-saggital, what structure is not bisected- option
was like thyroid cartilage, cricoids cartilage, some laryngeal ms… etc…
-Koplik’s spot- rubeola(measles was not in those options so know the word
-Melanocyte derived from NCC
-Very strange question – where is ulnar nerve the least protected? Elbow
-What travels thru diaphragm level T12- aorta? There was azygos vein in the
options too but I put aorta

2011 remembered

Overall the test was more tricky than difficult. They used difficult vocab to describe
even the most simple thing. Studying path vocab is essential.

Dental anatomy was surprisingly simple, a few questions were more tricky

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