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Oracle Applications R12
Payroll Elements Setup 
The basic idea in writing this article is just to show the use of elements,
links, and balances working in Oracle Payroll.  


Sikandar Hayat Awan 
[email protected] 

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Oracle Applications R12 – Payroll ERPSTUFF

Business Requirement

Organization is giving loan facility to the employees so they can take loan (we will use car loan in our
example) and can pay on equal Installments. We need to setup in Oracle Payroll so in each payroll run
(salary calculation) the amount should be deducted. At the end the use/need of Fast Formula will be
explained while the use or explanation of Fast Formula is not in the scope of this article. After setting it up
we will run quick pay to view the results. This is just a very basic level example so please consider it only
for learning purposes. We will work in two sections 1st Setup and then Testing.

We will use Oracle Applications R12 Vision instance the one I used to write this article is 12.0.6.

What to do?


Responsibility UK HRMS Manager
Employee Abbott
Loan Amount 3000

Installment Amount 1500
Payroll Process Monthly
Balance Remaining Balance

Now let’s start by first defining elements to capture user input of Total Loan Amount and then Installments

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Oracle Applications R12 – Payroll ERPSTUFF

Testing Setup

HRMS: People > Enter and Maintain > Search > Assignment > Entries [B]

Search your desired employee in my case he is Abbott.

Click Assignment [B].

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Oracle Applications R12 – Payroll ERPSTUFF

Confirm if the Payroll in Monthly in the top right area of this screen.
Click Entries [B].

Select a new record and select Car Loan.
As the element is Nonrecurring that why it got to date.

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Oracle Applications R12 – Payroll ERPSTUFF

Our Quick Pay is complete.
Now we will check our calculation in the same way we did earlier.

Again deduction of 1500.

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Oracle Applications R12 – Payroll ERPSTUFF

Great our remaining balance is 0.

Questions yet to be answered…

• What will be remaining balance if you run Quick Pay for 3rd month?
• When Installment of 1500 will stop and who will stop?
• Can I check if the remaining balance is 0 (zero) then no more deductions?


Now here is the role of Fast Formula which we will try to discuss in next article.

Hopefully now you got a good idea how we setup to make such deductions and now to control its
processing we are feeling the need of Fast Formula.


Your feedback is highly appreciated at [email protected]

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