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TitlePeter Trudgill Sociolinguistics an Introduction to Language and Society
TagsDialect Accent (Sociolinguistics) English Language German Language
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Table of Contents
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1. Sociolinguistics - Language and Society
2. Language and Social Class
3. Language and Ethnic Group
4. Language and Sex
5. Language and Context
6. Language and Social Interaction
7. Language and Nation
8. Language and Geography
9. Language and Contact
10. Language and Humanity
Annotated Bibliography and Further Reading
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Page 1


An introduction
to language and society


Page 121

Language and Sodal Interaction 107

Page 242



Language Play David Crystal

We all use language to communicate information, but it is language
play which is truly central to our lives. Full of puns, groan-worthy
gags and witty repartee, this book restores the fun to the study of lan­
guage. It also demonstrates why all these things are essential elements
of what makes us human.

Swearing Geoffrey Hughes

'A deliciously filthy trawl among taboo words across the ages and the
globe' Observer. 'Erudite and entertaining' Penelope Lively, Daily

The Language Instinct Stephen Pinker

'Dazzling . . . Pinker's big idea is that language is an instinct, as innate
to us as flying is to geese . . . Words can hardly do justice to the super­
lative range and liveliness of Pinker's investigations' Independent. 'He
does for language what David Attenborough does for animals,
explaining difficult scientific concepts so easily that they are indeed
absorbed as a transparent stream of words' John Gribbin

Mother Tongue Bill Bryson

'A delightful, amusing and provoking survey, a joyful celebration of
our wonderful language, which is packed with curiosities and
enlightenment on every page' Sunday Express. 'A gold mine of
language-anecdote. A surprise on every page . . . enthralling' Observer

Longman Guide to English Usage
Sidney Greenbaum and Janet Whitcut

Containing 5000 entries compiled by leading authorities on modern
English, this invaluable reference work clarifies every kind of usage
problem, giving expert advice on points of grammar, meaning, style,
spelling, pronunciation and punctuation.

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