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Philosophy of Science: A New Introduction, OUP USA, 2013, 2013


Offering an engaging and accessible portrait of the current state of the field, Philosophy of
Science: A New Introduction shows students how to think philosophically about science and why it
is both essential and fascinating to do so. Gillian Barker and Philip Kitcher reconsider the core
questions in philosophy of science in light of the multitude of changes that have taken place in the
decades since the publication of C.G. Hempel's classic work, Philosophy of Natural Science
(1966)—both in the field and also in history and sociology of science and the sciences
themselves. They explore how philosophical questions are connected to vigorous current
debates—including climate change, science and religion, race, intellectual property rights, and
medical research priorities—showing how these questions, and philosophers' attempts to answer
them, matter in the real world. Featuring numerous illustrative examples and extensive further
reading lists, Philosophy of Science: A New Introduction is ideal for courses in philosophy of
science, history and philosophy of science, and epistemology/theory of knowledge. It is also
compelling and illuminating reading for scientists, science students, and anyone interested in the
natural sciences and in their place in global society today.


Criminal Law , Joseph G. Cook, Linda A. Malone, Paul Marcus, Geraldine Szott Moohr, Jul 17, 2012,
Law, 936 pages. This casebook offers both theoretical and practical treatment of criminal law,
which helps students to understand the underlying principles and to relate them to real-life.

God Is Good - Come Taste and See We Know That in Everything God Works for the Good of Those
Who Love Him. Romans 8: 28, Hammie Van Zyl, Alti Van Zyl, 2013, Religion, 152 pages. Hammie
and Alti van Zyl are in full-time ministry. God often calls them to complete a task far beyond their
human abilities. God IS good: come taste and see is a testimonial of.

Philosophies of Science From Foundations to Contemporary Issues, Jennifer McErlean, 2000,
Philosophy, 543 pages. Featuring excellent and accessible introductions for a broad range of
students, this text/reader provides a balance of both traditional material that is core to the subject

Evolving moral knowledge , Allan Gibbard, 2009, Philosophy, 20 pages. .

Philosophy - A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself , Sharon Kaye, Jan 31, 2014, Philosophy,
256 pages. Written by Sharon Kaye, who is Professor of Philosophy at John Carroll University,
Philosophy: A Complete Introduction is designed to give you everything you need to succeed.

Philosophy of Science An Introduction (Second Edition), Thomas J. Hickey, Dec 1, 2012,
Philosophy, 116 pages. This concise and accessible book is a synthesis of the basic principles of the
contemporary pragmatist philosophy of science. It discusses the aim of basic science, the methods.

The ethical import of Darwinism , Jacob Gould Schurman, 1887, Ethics, Evolutionary, 264 pages. .

On Beyond Darwin , J.N. Patterson Hume, , , . .

The Present Situation in the Philosophy of Science , Friedrich Stadler, May 19, 2010, Science, 335

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