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9 Advanced and
Profitable Trading


Roman Sadowski

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9 Profitable Trading Strategies

People who succeed at day trading do three things very well:

They identify intra-day trading strategies that are tried, tested.
They are 100% disciplined in executing those strategies.
They stick to a strict money management regime.

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Momentum Reversal Trading Strategy

Role Reversal Trading Strategy

Heikin-Ashi Trading Strategy

RSI Trading Strategy, 5 Systems + Back Test Results

The Moving average crossover strategy

The swing day trading strategy

Candlestick patterns

The Bollinger band squeeze strategy

The narrow range strategy

The 2 period RSI strategy

Binary options trading strategy that generates 150% return

HumbleTraders Bollinger band squeeze strategy narrow range strategy 2 period RSI strategy

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9 Profitable Trading Strategies

Date: 31 October 2013

Trade: Short
Price in: 1.3686
Price out: 1.3505
Result: +170


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9 Profitable Trading Strategies

4.The swing forex day trading strategy.
What is it?

“And what’s a correction?” I hear you ask.

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9 Profitable Trading Strategies

The honest truth of the matter is this, most new traders get involved because
they see huge profits straight ahead by simply clicking BUY .
Believing they will wake up the next morning a newly minted
millionaire! What actually happens goes more like this.
Your friend has just opened a trading account, he claims to have made a
hundred dollars in ten minutes, he just sold the EURUSD because the U.S
economy is so great right now, it said so on TV!
So you go home, lodge a $1000 into a trading account, SELL the EURUSD at
$5/ point.
You wake up the next day and the market has moved against you by 200
points, and your account is wiped out!
Lets look at the facts. There are three main reasons behind the high failure
rate of new traders, and you can avoid them easily!

As in the story I told above, trading based on hearsay or some popular
narrative will lead you to almost certain doom!
The value of using a tried and tested trading technique is immense, and will
save you from loosing your hard earned savings.

By using a day trading strategy, you remove the emotional element from the
trading decision.
A trading strategy requires a number of elements to be in place before
So, when those elements are in place, you place the trade.
It is a binary decision rather than an emotional decision. All other actions are
off the table, by following a trading technique you avoid the cardinal sin of
trading, that is, over trading.


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9 Profitable Trading Strategies

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