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                            Old Private Sector Banks
Bank of Rajasthan Ltd.
Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd.
City Union Bank Ltd.
Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd.
Federal Bank Ltd.
ING Vysya Bank Ltd.
Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd.
Karnataka Bank Ltd.
Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.
Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd.
Nainital Bank Ltd.
Ratnakar Bank Ltd.
SBI Commercial and International Bank Ltd.
South Indian Bank Ltd.
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd.
United Western Bank Ltd.
Board of Directors

Advisory Services
Online Services
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-International Debit and Credit cards
-And many more....

Exclusivity and Convenience
-Dedicated Officer
-Separate interaction area in the branch
-Anywhere Banking facility
-Exclusive Phone Banking service
-Competitive Pricing
-Reduced rates for products and services

-Several Complimentary Offers
-Value-linked benefits

Competitive Pricing

-Reduced rates for products and services

-Several Complimentary Offers

-Value-linked benefits



• DematServices
A Demat Account allows employees transact in shares instantaneously in a safe and
secure manner.

• ReliefBonds/MutualFunds/Insurance
Salary Account customers can now invest in Government of India relief and savings
bonds, a basket of mutual funds, foreign exchange facilities and Insurance products
through ICICI Bank.

• GoldCoin
Employees can buy 24 karats Pure Gold, which ICICI Bank brings to you. Each coin
comes to you straight from Switzerland. Refined to 99.99% fine gold and sealed with a
unique Certificate of Authencity- guaranteeing you its purity.


Gaurav Narang


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ICICI Bank's Foreign Exchange Services will help you organize your foreign exchange in the
most hassle free manner. Whether its Foreign Currency, Travelers Cheques or Travel Card, ICICI
Bank Foreign Exchange Services is a one-stop solution to your foreign exchange requirement.


Wherever people may be, in India or abroad, ICICI Bank has created a wide range of products
and services that provide customers complete financial solutions. Helping them to make the right
decisions at the right time and can be rest assured that they are in the safe and trustworthy hands
of ICICI bank.

Deposit Products:

1. NRE Account: An NRI can open a Non-Resident External Account(NRE Account)with any
bank in India. The account not only lets customers manage their money that they earn in India (as
permitted by FEMA Regulations) but also of the money earned abroad. The money in the account
and the interest earned on it can be sent back outside India without any authorization from RBI.
The Account can be opened and funded in any permissible currency, and is later converted into
Indian Rupees. This Account offers dual benefits of high returns as offered by the fixed deposits
and liquidity as offered by the savings account. The Account helps customers take care of all their
financial needs, quickly and conveniently. In addition to attractive rupee interest rates customers
get free money transfers, easy access for the customer as well as for his/her family back in India,
and a free mandate card for the loved ones in India.

2 . NRO Account: The Non-Resident Ordinary Account (NRO Account) allows customers to
hold the money they have earned in India such as rent, dividends, pensions etc. They can open the
account and can fund it in any permissible currency and is later converted into Indian Rupees.
NRO account offers attractive exchange rates upon conversion of foreign currency into Indian
Rupees. This account to offers high returns and liquidity. However, the interest earned on the
principal amount in the account can be sent back after the deductions of tax in India.

3. FCNR Account:A Foreign Currency Non Resident Account (FCNR Account) allows
customers to maintain funds as Term Deposits in various foreign currencies, thereby guarding
customers against fluctuating exchange rates. Under this account both the principal amount and
the interest can be sent back fully, and are taxable in India. The tenures range from 12 to 36

4. RFC Account: By opening a Resident Foreign Currency Account (RFC Account)
customers can maintain funds as Term deposits in various foreign currencies even after they have
returned to India. Both the principal and the interest can be remitted outside India. The tenures
range from 1month to 36months.

Gaurav Narang


Page 99


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 Financial Management- Theory and Practice. Shashi.K.Gupta , R.K. Sharma.

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Internet websites:

 Www.Icicibank.Com

 Www.Moneycontrol.Com

 WWW.Money.Rediff.Com

 Www.Wikipedia.Org

 Www.Google.Com

 Www.Scribd.Com

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Gaurav Narang



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