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you may find that you only want to use one. This just acts as a trigger for your own
abilities. If you are reading the cards for someone else they like to see something going
on so even if you are only working with one card you can ask them to choose however
many you want.

When the cards have been chosen just allow your mind to become relaxed (like the
exercises above) and just gaze at the cards. Not staring, willing something to happen in
your mind, but gaze in a disinterested way (like the aura exercises). You will find that
some images or colours or feelings will start to come to you. They could be fuzzy at first –
remember you are using a new ability. Things that you hadn’t thought of before or that
bear no resemblance to the image on card will spring to mind effortlessly. The more you
try to think of something the less likely you are to do it. This is an exercise of passiveness.
Just allow thoughts and feelings to come to you. You may even be aware of parts of the
body that tingle or throb or lose sensation. This is all normal and is drawing your attention
to something that needs to be voiced.

It may be that the card itself is a picture card (like an angel card) and so this can give you
a head start as you start to interpret what is on the picture. All the time being aware that
your energy is mingling with the recipients (if there is one).

REMEMBER – there is no right or wrong. If you gave the same cards to someone else to
interpret they may say something completely different to you. THAT DOES NOT MEAN
YOU ARE WRONG OR THEY ARE RIGHT – it simply means you both see things in
different ways (remember we see the world as we are and according to our own
experiences). Practice this and you will find your intuition increases each time until it
becomes part of who you are.

At the end of the reading you can choose to close with a prayer or some words of thanks if
you wish. The choice is yours.

This is the start of a whole new journey. Enjoy your discovery and share it with others!

Caroline Todd

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