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How to install RADIUSdesk on CentOS 6.4 using Nginx By Freddy FALANGA


 For the viewer component you need the ExtJS toolkit. As of this writing the latest version of ExtJS is 4.2.0. The development however was done on 4.1.1. This version is not easy to find on

Sencha's download page so we've added it to the SVN repository for easy download
 Checkout and unzip the GPL version under the /usr/share/nginx/html/rd directory. NOTE: This is a single big file which will take some time to download over slow connections.

cd /usr/share/nginx/html/

svn checkout svn:// ./

mv ./rd

cd /usr/share/nginx/html/rd


 Rename the extracted directory to simply ext:

cd /usr/share/nginx/html/rd

mv ext-4.1.1a ext

 Copy the ux folder under examples to the src folder

cp -R /usr/share/nginx/html/rd/ext/examples/ux /usr/share/nginx/html/rd/ext/src

 Now try to log in on the following URL with username root and password admin: http://your IP address/rd

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How to install RADIUSdesk on CentOS 6.4 using Nginx By Freddy FALANGA


Things to remember about Websocket
 Websocket is not supported in IE version 9 and below.
 Remember that this is running on port 8000 and some firewalls may block it.
 You are welcome to alter the port on which Node.js serve by editing the /rd_cake/Setup/Node.js/Logfile.node.js file.
 The start-up script calls Logfile.node.js during start-up. Depending on the web server you run; the absolute path of this script will change accordingly. Be sure to update this script as well if you

change servers (Nginx VS Apache).

 Although this Node.js server serves the FreeRADIUS log file; it will only be visible if the requester provides the token belonging to root. All other users will not be allowed to see this log file
through the Node.js server.


To get last svn code in one compressed file you can use this url:

If you have any best way, you can email me for an update to [email protected]
mailto:[email protected]

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