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TitleReal Racing 3 Car Livery Editing
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Tools required:

 QuickBMS,

Main tools for un-archieving the texture files.
, script to be used with QuickBMS, this is packed within RR3 tools in:
 Texture Packer:

Tool for converting and repacking the .pvr format

 Image editing software, Photoshop, GIMP, or whatever your favorite.


1. Un-Archieve the livery texture.

Copy or pull the livery file(s) to your PC, put it in a distinct location for easy access.

Extract the downloaded from the specified link.

Open QuickBMS, select, select livery file (.pvr.z), select folder for extracting. Do note that you can select multiple

files for processing.

You will have then the livery file in .pvr format.

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