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Strength analysis of rock and soil masses

the Generalized Hoek-Brown, Mohr-

Coulomb, Barton-Bandis and Power Curve
failure criteria

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and values of sigci and mi (Hoek-Brown strength of intact rock
data), c and phi (Mohr-Coulomb strength), or a, b and d (Power
Curve strength) are obtained. These calculated strength
parameters are known as ‘best-fit’ values.

4. After entering the data, select OK in the dialog, and the ‘best-fit’
values will be used to calculate the failure envelopes and other
parameters of the selected strength model.

Example showing fitting of the Hoek-Brown criterion to intact rock lab

Obtaining actual values of strength parameters from triaxial lab test
data is always recommended. It should be emphasized that a large
number of test results is not always necessary, and good results can be
obtained from a relatively small number of data points (eg. 6 or 7
triaxial tests).

If triaxial lab data is not available, parameter values can always be
estimated in RocData, using the Pick dialogs described previously.
If incorrect data pairs (i.e. data for which sig3 exceeds sig1) are
accidentally imported into triaxial data analysis, the curve fitting
calculations are not carried out, and an error notice is issued. An
example is shown below.

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