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About the Tutorial

SAP UI5 is the development tool from SAP toolkit, offering various features that the users

can use to enhance their user experience to create apps with rich user interfaces for Web

business applications.

This tutorial explains the architecture, various key concepts, and important components

of SAP UI5.


This tutorial is designed for all those who want to learn the basics of SAP UI5, especially

those who are involved in creating business applications.


It is a simple and straightforward tutorial which the readers can easily understand,

however it will help if you have some prior exposure to any SAP module.

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SAPUI5 Developer Studio provides tools to ease the UI5 development process. Following

are the functions:

 Wizard for Control development

 Wizard for Project creation

 Wizard for View/Controller creation

You can download it from SAP Marketplace using the link Search for UI Add-on 1.0 for NetWeaver.

Go to Software downloads and enter your Id and password. Then, go to support packages

and patches. Search for sapui5 tools ide plugin 1.00.

8. SAP UI5 ─ Developer Studio

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A trail of SAPUI5 framework is also available under SCN. You can go to this link -

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Step 5: In the next step, you have to perform template customization.

Step 6: On clicking Next, you will see the Finish button.

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Once you click Finish, you can see a new project created that has default structure of UI

application. It contains the view, model, and name of the project.

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