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This may be an easy read for some, and for others it may
appear to be all over the place. This topic has many
different complexities to it. Although easy in theory, the

many variables involved
can cause those to easily
lose their way. I will attempt
to simplify something that
defies simplicity. The
purpose of the ebook is to
explain business credit as a
whole. For the most part, how to obtain it and leverage it
as funding for business endeavors. The only way this can
truly be understood is by use of parables, metaphors. And
analogies. There is a science to it, to where it almost has
a life of its own. The only thing i could compare it to
would be the game of chess. Strategy plays such an
intricate part in its success. Because different

businesses have different end goals, the general information(although it applies to all
businesses)can only take those so far that dont watch all of the videos. The live session
videos in the members area of help to expose the new small business
owner to many of these variables. Questions are asks from individual owners of
businesses in different industries from their prospective. This helps the new comer
form strategies by taking in what resinates with them. What actually applies to their
present situation. This also changes the way one would ask questions in the future
because of a new found understanding of the system. This in turn prompts a better
response to the question, Giving the business owner the precise information needed.
Here is an example. I get this question all of the time.."Once i get a paydex score, how
much can i get?". There are alot of things wrong with that question. The first, thinking
that a paydex score from dun and bradstreet even means something. Individuals new to
business find themselves engulfed with an array of propaganda perpetuated by the
internet, and business credit forums and blogs. In actuality, the paydex score is
something that has been restructured for public misconception. Dun and bradstreet
actually gives you a business "credit score" that has nothing to do with a paydex score
at all. That is the number that comes into consideration on lendability issues(among
other factors). For those who have been in business for the last 10 years, and are
familiar with dnb may remember that it used to take five tradelines to acquire a paydex
score. These numbers were adjusted once dnb realized people were putting their faith
primarily in that score's number. I will do my best to explain the credit building process
without using legal terms and jargon. I will, instead give examples and comparisons in
everyday layman terms.

Page 41

This is simply the page that gives more specifics on why it issued the stress class rating.
It tell you why it was either high or low. Some of the pages are slightly redundant but in

most cases they have an extra piece of information. Its usually that or the following
pages are there to explain it in layman’s terms.

Page 42

This would be your business’ actual financial stress indication. This one would deal with
your company and is not based on other companies in there database. As you can see

this company doesn’t have enough data for a trend to be calculated.

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