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TitleSecrets of 5-Axis Machining
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Table of Contents
1. History of 5-Axis Machines
2. Know Your Machine
3. Cutting Strtegies
4. Indexing Multiaxis Toolpath
5. Simultaneous Multiaxis Toolpath
6. Common Simultaneos Multiaxis Toolpath Controls
7. Machine Simulation
8. Selection The Right Machine For Your Application
9. Choosing a CAD-CAM System For Your Application
10. Putting It All Together
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Figure 6-4 Impeller floor surfaces that use a Cut Pattern that morphs between
the two blade surfaces.

Figure 6-5 Cut Pattern that is parallel to the bottom hub sutface, while cutting
individual blades.

Figure 6-6 The Cut Pattern for producing a cylindrical-spiral tool motion.

Common Simultaneous Multiaxis Toolpath Controls

Page 89

Figure 6-7 Cut Pattern produced by morphing between the two edge curves of
the floor surface.

Figure 6-8 This Cut Pattern is shown by the red 3D curve projected on to multiple

Figure 6-9 Floor sufface being cut by morphing between two 3D curves formed
by the floor's outer edge curves,

su rfaces,

Secrets of s-Axis Machinino

Page 176

honnion and rock and ro11Iixtules,71. 111, I32
various applications. 133

3D surfacing toolpaths, 5
Tilting spindle heads, 31
Tombstone lixtures, 6, 40, 5 8-9, 108

axiscontrol ,79,86,89,91-2,98, 139, l4l , 161,
lengrh offsets, 18 , 24, I 17
l ists,46, 140,145

for lathes. 138
plane with odgin, 27
tip control, 79, 90-91, l4l

2 + 3 positioning,49

Using motions XYZ and C,67
Unlocked rotary drives, 11
U\r!V linear axes, 15

Vericut software, 1,95, 106, 116-117
Verilication system, 27 , 104
Visiting software companies, 1, 146-7
Virtual machine, 103, 105

bui lding, l06
components and models, 107
configudng for simulation, 105
kinematic component tlee, 107
skeleton, 106

wire franes,79, 103, 139-40
World zero,26,60

XYZ l inear axes,15.32,66 7,74

Zeroing the indicator, 22
Zero posit ion, 17,21, 117. 158, 162

172 secrcls of s-Axis lrachining

Page 177

Virtual Machining CD

All the images on this CD, including the vir tual machines, were modeled using lv [email protected]
(CNC Software, Inc.) . The vir tual machines were brought to l i fe using the machine simulat ion
capabilities of l4achsim (lYoduleworks) and VERICUT6 (CGTech).

Instal lat ion

The enclosed CD should run automatically when inserted into a CD-ROlq drive. if the auto-
run feature does not work. please use File I\4anager to navigate to the CD. Find the file called
Index.html and dolrble-cl ick i t .

System Requirements
The CD was bui l t to run oot imal lv on a PC with:

. Windows XP or Vista

. Internet Explorer (Version 7) or higher

. 1024 x 768 resolut ion (or higher)

. [email protected] Acrobat [email protected] installed. (Go to to install a
free version,)

. Apple QuickTime plug-in instal led. (Go to hftp: / / ime to instal l a
free version, )

. I f you instal l th is cD on your hard disk. you wi l l need 650 l4B free space.

Vir tual Machining CD Contents:

. over 25 Interactive Machine simulations - self-extracting executable files launch
interactive machine simulation sessions. Take control of all aspects of the simulation,
including view manipulat ion, s imulat ion speed, and individual axis control . Look at the
machining process from various views impossible to see on a real machjne. This offers a
unique visual izat ion to help understand a var iety of mult iaxis machining concepts,

. Real Machining videos - watch a real s-axis machine pefform several different
mult iaxis cutt ing rout ines on complex simulLaneous 5-axis parts,

. v ir tual Machine Siniulat ion Videos - Watch VERICUT in act ion ;F i t elecutes machine
simulat ion and veri f icat ion on over a half dozen di f ferent examples of complex mult iaxis

. Printable PDF Files - Quick Reference guides for the most important aspects of setting
up a s-axis machine and common mult iaxis concepts al l avai lable as easy pr int-outs,

. Image Gal lery - See ful l color examples of many of the parts and machines found
throughout the book.

Technical Quest ions:

Please emai l your quest ions to [email protected] ialpress,com or to the author at
kar [email protected] .com. Or vis i t and go to the l ink for FAQS.

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