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Simple distillation uses the difference of two liquids’ boiling points to separate them. The mixture is

heated slowly until the boiling point of the first liquid is reached. The lowest boiling point liquid boils

off, the vapor is passed through a condensing apparatus, and the condensate is then collected.


The first drops of condensation were observed at a temperature of 77.7
C, but the majority of the

boiling occurred at 86.3
C. Distillation stopped at 90


Accepted ethanol boiling point:78.37

Initial volume in flask=40 mL

Volume of condensate collected=9.9 mL

Volume of liquid left in the flask= 27 mL

When the cotton swab with the condensate was burned, the swab turned black and was completely


When the cotton swab with the remaining fluid in the flask was burned, the swab didn’t burn very well

Remaining fluid in the flask had a pungent alcohol smell

Data Analysis

A) The boiling point of the condensate= 77.7 °C

Accepted ethanol boiling point: 78.37°C

Percentage error: 0.86 %

As the percentage error is low, the result of this experiment was accurate and some errors

that could have resulted from not getting the accepted value can be due vapor loss and heat

loss as water vapor was seen on the glass apparatus.

B) The percentage of ethanol in the original mixture was 33% and water 67% as nearly 10 mL of

condensate was obtained and about 30 ml of liquid was left in the flask obtained from the given

40 mL of solution.


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