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South Africa Mobile Service Market – Market Overview

South Africa telecom sector boasts the continent’s most advanced networks in terms of

technology deployed and services provided. In a virtually saturated voice market, three mobile

networks – Vodacom, MTN and Cell C– are competing for market share in the mobile service

market. 3G/HSPA mobile broadband services now rival available DSL fixed-line offerings in

terms of both speed and price, and have consequently taken the upper hand in terms of

subscriber numbers. With its relatively well developed and diverse infrastructure, South Africa

is also taking a regional lead role in the convergence of telecommunication and information

technologies with the media and entertainment sector, promising reductions in

telecommunication costs and better availability of information and services. The mobile

service market in South Africa was valued US$ XXXX Billion in 2011 and is expected to be US$

XXXX Billion by 2015. In South Africa, the total number of mobile subscriber was XXXX Million in

2011 and is expected to increase to XXXX Million by 2015.

South African Mobile Market Company Analysis

The South African mobile telecommunications market is characterized by three mobile network

operators (Vodacom, MTN and Cell C) as well as a fourth mobile ‘virtual’ network operator

(Virgin). Vodacom is the leading mobile service operator in South Africa. It generated revenue

of US$ XXXX Billion in 2011 and is likely to be the leader in South African mobile Service

market by 2015. Vodacom also has the largest mobile subscriber base in South Africa with XXXX

Million Subscribers in 2011. In South African mobile service market MTN and Cell C are holding

the second and third position with over US$ XXXX Billion and US$ XXXX Billion revenue in 2011

respectively. In terms of subscribers also MTN and Cell C are holding the second and Third spot


The mobile data market in South Africa is predicted to be a significant revenue contributor for

mobile telecommunication operators, such as MTN, over the next five years. The reduction in

interconnection fees is likely to have adverse impact on the revenue of the South African

mobile operators. The two dominant mobile operators Vodacom and MTN are raking in billions

of US Dollar each year through interconnect charges; so lower rates may significantly influence

their revenue and profits.

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