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TitleSulfur Plant Design Manual
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Total Pages367
Table of Contents
                            A Table Of Contents
B Introduction
C Process Description
D Flow Diagrams
F Qualified Vendors List
G Vessels
H Pumps And Compressors
I Furnaces And Heaters
J Waste Heat Boilers
K Heat Exchangers (Economizers)
L Miscellaneous Equipment
M Piping
N Instrumentation
P Utilities And Chemicals
Q Sulfur Plant Economics
R Process Hand Calculations
S Example 1 - Acid Gas >50% Mol %
T Example 2 - Acid Gas 30-50 Mol %
U Example 3 - Acid Gas <15% Mol %
V Example 4 - Acid Gas Containing NH3
X Operating InstructionsReceived
Y Analytical Procedures
Z Hazards
AA Corrosion
BB Data
CC Guarantees
DD Pollution Control
EE Computer Program
FF Bibliography

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