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TitleSymbiotic Memes - A Study of Meme Popularity Cycles by Josh Constine
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Symbiotic Memes:

Achieving Longevity in the Memescape

Memes, or culturally shared pieces of media, are passed between people

using the available communications methods of the day. The advent, and eventual

widespread adoption of the internet has changed the memescape in critical ways,

allowing for interactive and highly vivid mediums, new methods of sharing and

distribution, and a lasting record. The internet has also sped up the meme digestion

rate. Instead of primarily circulating through geographically interconnected

networks over a longer period of time, internet memes become universally available

as soon as they’re posted. The low time and monetary costs of sharing digital

information allow individuals to broadcast memes as far as their networks permit.

One-to-many distribution allows for near simultaneous uptake of a meme by the

world’s collective consciousness. Once the meme has been distributed, the public

processes and divines it’s value, and then moves on to new memes.

Most memes that achieve great popularity fall under what I will term

“Discrete Memes”. These memes are one-shots, each with unique elements that lend

them value. They are characterized by a short term of popularity, experiencing an

extremely rapid growth in audience over 1-3 days from when the meme hits critical

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