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Lesson #14 – Tithi pravesha chart reading , Pundit
Sanjay Roth’s lecture on AK (Atma Karaka), Vargottama
Topics Covered:
Tithi pravesha chart reading
Pundit Sanjay Roth’s lecture on AK (Atma Karaka), Vargottama
Kev Notes:
Rasi chart is chart of your physical existence.
Various divisional charts show various phases of your life.
In Rasi chart, 7th lord in 8th house is bad; it indicates working hard, anxiety at physical level.
Dasamsa (D10) shows what you do in society
5th house in D10 chart shows power, 10th house shows Karma that you do in the society
LL and 5th lord or 10th lord conjoin in 7th house is great Raja yoga
GL is for seeing power. HL is for seeing money
Pundit Saniav Rath’s lecture on AK and Vargottama :
Su light has 7 colors represents 7 planets
Ra is no light case means complete dark or black. If Ra is AK
can produce the person a saint or criminal.
In Ra’s case, you need to subtract current degree from 30 to get effective degree.
Planet with highest degree and intensity will become AK of your.
There are twelve Adityas.
If Mo is AK then the person will be compassionate, charming.
If Mo and Ju together and in ASC gives fame.
If Mo, Ve conjoining shows lot of money. Ve represents poetry, creativity.
Maha Purusha Yoga: Planets exalted in kendras.
4th house is controller for 12th house.
Mo represents mind.
Ra gives Shock; Sa gives Sorrow (these are catch words)
Yantra is diagram (ex: horoscope is yantra)
Mo (water) with Ma (creates Pitta): represents tea. Mo and Sa together (Creates dryness, vaatha) is
3rd house from AL shows what is in your hand and 6th from AL shows what you should renounce.
Benefic planets in 3rd and 6th from AL show renunciation, saintly nature.
Me: Financial planet. Ve shows spouse.
Perfect Sadhu should renounce 7th and 10th houses.
Me’s deity is Vishnu Avatar (lord Krishna)
If Su is AK shows ego. If Su in LA, the person is like Majestic.
Su is light, MA is heat. Ma is karaka for chillies. Chillies shown by Su.
If AK is in the 9th house then the punishment can come from father or guru.
If Ve, Me are in Cp the Kali goddess can show path for renunciation.
If Ju in LA, the person likes sweets.
Water and fire border is gandanta. Ex: (Pi, Ar – Jeshta Gandanta), (Sc, Sg) and (Cn, Le).
If planet occupies same house in Rasi and Navamsa then it is known as Vargottama. It is like AK.
If Su is Vargottama : the person is good administrator.
If Me is Vargottama then the person speaks very well – good learner and teacher.
Vargottama planet is your ability
If Ma is Vargottama then person would become good soldier and commander
If Sa is Vargottama then person is a hard worker
If Mo is Vargottama then person is compassionate, kind
ASC in Vargottama means stubborn, healthy.
Debilitated planet is in Vargottama means the matter that planet signifies is falling down
Vargottama AK means the ability is given from the past life.

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