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Exercise: Editing

Note about licences:

These exercises require a licence for Aimsun Small, Aimsun Standard, Aimsun
Professional for Microscopic Simulation, Aimsun Advanced or Aimsun Expert.
Users with an Aimsun Professional for Travel Demand Modelling edition will be
able to do all the exercises except those related to control plans and dynamic
simulation. Users with an Aimsun Professional for Mesoscopic Simulation
edition will simulate with the mesoscopic simulator instead of the microscopic

Editing exercises. Introduction.

In these exercises, the final goal is the creation of a complete network from zero
with all the necessary data to finish with a microscopic simulation of the network
(if the license allows it).

We will define, step by step, and based on a background image, all the
graphical elements that compose a network, including sections, nodes,
detectors, VMS, solid lines and bus stops.

We will also define a control plan for traffic lights, bus lines and plans, reserved
lanes for buses, a traffic state, centroids, O/D matrices, a traffic demand, and a
scenario with an experiment which we will use for the final simulation.

Amrozi Lennovo

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Exercise 11. Centroids.

If the traffic demand is given as an OD Matrix, then the first step will be defining
the centroids to which the matrix corresponds. In our example, we will define
the centroids and their connections as shown in the next picture:



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