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TitleVideoJet 1310 Manual
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Table of Contents
                            Compliance Information
Support and Training
Table of Contents
	Equipment Description
		Printer Supplies
	About this Manual
		Related Documents
		Language Codes
	Safety Conventions Used in the Manual
		Warning Statements
		Caution Statements
	Equipment Safety Guidelines
		Comply with Electrical Codes
		Avoid Breathing Exhaust Vapors
		Do Not Remove Warning Labels
	Placement of the Printer
		Location of the AC Socket-Outlet
		Mounting the Printhead Stand
		Using Printer Accessories
	Ink Safety Guidelines
		No Smoking
		Wear Safety Glasses
		Avoid Skin Contact
		Avoid Breathing in Vapors
		Dispose Ink Properly
		Read the Material Safety Data Sheets
		Store the Inks Properly
	Medical Emergencies
		Emergencies Involving Printer Fluids
		Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center
Main Parts
	Connector Panel
		Standard Connector
		Optional Connectors
	Control Panel
	Electronics Compartment
	Ink System Compartment
Getting Started
	Starting the Printer
	Working with the User Interface
		Function Keys
		Menu Bar
		Dialog Boxes
	Entering and Changing Passwords
		Entering a Password
		Resetting the Printer to Access Level 0
		Changing the Passwords for Levels 1 and 2
		Changing the Displayed Language
	Setting the System Time and Date
		Setting the Time and Date - Gregorian Calendar
		Setting the Hejra Date
	Setting Up Shifts
Creating a Job
	Creating a New Message
		Entering Multiple Lines
	Formatting Text
		Selecting a Block of Text to Change the Format
		Changing the Text Size
		Switching From Upper Case to Lower Case
		Making Characters Bold or Very Bold
		Inverting and Reversing Characters
	Copying and Pasting Text
	Inserting Foreign Language Characters
	Inserting a Barcode
	Working with User Fields
		Inserting a Pre-defined User Field
		Pre-defined User Fields
		Editing a User Field
		Deleting a User Field
	Adding a Prompted Field
	Adding Clock and Calendar Information
		Configuring the Date Offset for Expiration Dates
		Inserting Pre-configured Time and Date Inserts
		Creating Custom Time and Date Inserts
	Adding Counters
	Adding Logos and Other Graphics
		Changing Logo Size
		Block Editing Functions
		Cropping a Graphic
	Configuring Message Parameters
	Copying Messages
	Deleting Messages
		Deleting a Single Message
		Deleting all Messages
	Checking Free Message Space
Loading and Printing a Job
	Loading an Existing Message
	Starting the Printing Process
	Stopping the Printing Process
	Monitoring the Printing Process
	Resetting Message Counters
	Resetting the Product Counter
		Hiding the Product Counter
		External Select Table and Message Select
Line Setup
	Triggering a Print
		Printing Manually
		Printing with a Product Detector
		Print Acknowledge
		Set Language
		Printing Continuously
	Compensating for Changes in Line Speed
		Operating without a Shaft Encoder
		Configuring the Printer to Use a Shaft Encoder
	Conducting Routine Inspection and Cleaning
		Visually Inspecting the Printer
		Inspecting and Cleaning the Printhead
		Inspecting and Replacing the Fan Filter
	Replacing the Ink and Make-Up Bottles
	Scheduling the Printer Service
	Viewing the Run Hour Timers
	Taking Backup of Printer Configuration
		Taking a Backup
		Taking a Full System Backup of System Settings
	Restoring Printer Settings
		Restoring Printer Settings from Backup
		Restoring Printer Settings from Full System Backup
	Troubleshooting Overview
		Troubleshooting Power Problems
		Troubleshooting the Amber LED
		Printer is On, But Does Not Print
		Problems with Print Position or Size
		Poor Print Quality
		Printer Status Icons
		Fault and Warning Messages
		List of Faults and Warnings
	Checking the Software Version
	Physical Specifications
	User Interface Specifications
	Environmental Requirements
	Electrical Requirements
	Ink and Solvent Capacity
	Barcode Setup
	ITF Barcode
	EAN-8 Barcode
	EAN-13 Barcode
	UPC A Barcode
	Code 128 Barcode
	EAN-128 Barcode
	Code 39 Barcode
	Serial Communications
		Serial Port Functionality
		Serial Port Baud Rates
		Log Onto Remote
		Log Off Remote
Document Text Contents
Page 1

Videojet 1310

Operator Manual

P/N 361540-01

Revision: AC, October 2005

Page 2

Copyright 2005, Videojet Technologies Inc. (herein referred to as Videojet). All rights reserved.

This document is the property of Videojet Technologies Inc. and contains confidential and
proprietary information owned by Videojet. Any unauthorized copying, use or disclosure of it

without the prior written permission of Videojet is strictly prohibited.

Videojet Technologies Inc.
1500 Mittel Boulevard Phone: 1-800-843-3610 Offices - USA: Atlanta, Chicago
Wood Dale, IL Fax: 1-800-582-1343 Int’l: Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Spain,
60191-1073 USA Int’l Fax: 630-616-3629 Singapore, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom Distributors Worldwide

Page 69


Videojet 1310 Operator Manual

Rev AC Adding Logos and Other Graphics 5-29

2 Press Enter to open the Editor menu.

3 Highlight the Set Logo Size option using the arrow key and

press Enter to open the Logo Editor box.

4 Change the height of the logo to the required size, using the

and arrow keys.

5 Change the width of the logo to the required size, using the

and arrow keys.

This enables changing the size of the logo created.

Block Editing Functions
Selecting a rectangular area of the graphic called as the “block”, within
the logo editor allows you to delete the block or make a copy of it.

To select a block after the creation of a logo or graphic, proceed as

1 Hold down Alt and press E to open the Editor menu in the Logo
Editor window.

2 Select the Set Block option using the arrow key (Figure 5-29).

Figure 5-28: Set Logo Size Option

Page 70

Videojet 1310 Operator Manual

5-30 Adding Logos and Other Graphics Rev AC

3 Press Enter to see a rectangle appear in the Logo Editor, which
indicates the outline of the block to be selected (Figure 5-30).

Figure 5-29: Logo Editor Menu

Figure 5-30: Block Editing Function

Resize this
to define
the size of
the desired

Page 137

Videojet 1310 Operator Manual

C-2 Serial Communications Rev AC

Mode: Sets the protocol to Full Protocol or Simple Protocol

Serial Port Baud Rates
This option is located in the Configure menu (Figure C-2 on page C-2),
and sets up the printer's COM 1 port for serial communications with a
barcode scanner.

The following settings are configurable:

Com1: Baud Rate - Sets the Baud rate for transmission to remote
devices and ranges from 150 to 19200

Com1: Data Bits - Sets the number of bits to either 7 or 8

Com1: Stop Bits- Sets the number of stop bits to either 1 or 2

Com1: Parity - Selects the Odd, Even or None Parity for error detection
with data transmission

Com1: Media Type - RS232 only

Log Onto Remote
Once the COM 2 port has been configured under Serial Port
Functionality (Figure C-3), you can connect to a remote device by
selecting Log Onto Remote and pressing ENTER from the Data
Logging menu.

Figure C-2: Serial Port Baud Rates

Page 138

Videojet 1310 Operator Manual

Rev AC Serial Communications C-3

Log Off Remote
Once the COM 2 port has been configured, you can disconnect from a
remote device by selecting Log Off Remote and pressing ENTER from
the Data Logging menu.

Figure C-3: Log Onto Screen

Figure C-4: Log Off Screen

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