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                            FRONT COVER
Title Page
	The Rotten Core of the World
	Worship the Cancer
		Know the Limits
	Featuring the Wyrm
		Theme: A Symbiotic Relationship
		Mood: Heroism and Futility
CHAPTER ONE: The Lore of the Wyrm
	The Triatic Wyrm
		Beast-of-War: The Calamity Wyrm
		Eater-of-Souls: the Consuming Wyrm
		The Defiler Wyrm
	Urge Wyrms
		The Maeljin Incarna
			Dead Maeljin Incarna
			Foebok, the Urge of Fear
			Vorus, the Urge of Greed
			Mahsstrac, the Urge of Power
			Karnala, the Urge of Desire
			Abhorra, the Urge of Hatred
			Angu, the Urge of Cruelty
			Ba'ashkai, the Urge of Violence
			Khaaloobh, the Urge of Consumption
			Pseulak, the Urge of Lies
			Sykora, the Urge of Paranoia
			Gree, the Urge of Despair
			Lethargg, the Urge of Apathy
		Elemental Wyrms
			Hoga, the Essence of Smog
			Fighting the Elemental Wyrms
			Furmas, the Essence of Balefire
			H'rugg, the Essence of Sludge
			Wakshaa, the Essence Toxin
	The Wyrm in the Umbra
		Calumns: Wyrm Domains
		Far Calumns: Anchorheads to Malfeas
			The Abyss
			The Atrocity Realm
			The Scar
			The Wyrm Reaches
		Wyrm Caerns
		The Warring Hydra
			Visitors' Reception
		The Central Duchy
			Castle Cthonus
			Number Two
			The Temple Obscura
				The Nine Rooms of the Temple of the Labyrinth
			The Wyld Founts
				The Importance of the Wyld Fount
			The Nightmare Garden
			Reason & Unreason
				The Mechanics of Reason and Unreason
			Dark Satanic Mills
				The Slave Trade in Malfeas
				The Hungry Ones
		The Maeljin Duchies
			Duchy Aliara
			Duchy Dubois
			Duchy Aife
			Duchy Klypse
			Duchy Thurifuge
			Duchy Hell
			The “Border Duchies”
			The Earth Pit
		The Elemental Duchies
			Duchy of Smog
			Duchy of Balefire
			Duchy of Sludge
			Duchy of Toxin
CHAPTER TWO: Pawns and Puppets
	The Root of All Evil
		Law of the Urban Jungle
			Occupy Malfeas
			Antisocial Media
			Food Fight
	Subsidiaries: Heads of the Hydra
		Sunburst Computers
		Avalon Incorporated
		Black Dog Game Factory
		King Distilleries
		Endron Oil
			The Serpent’s Head
			The Serpent’s Belly
			The Serpent’s Tail
		Magadon Pharmaceuticals
			First Teams
			Drugs & Divisions
	The Board of Directors
		Controlling Directors
			Benjamin Rushing
			Peter Culliford
			Adrian Newberry
			Chase Lamont
			Harold Zettler
			Franklin Rubin
		Subdivision Chiefs
			Kiro Yamazaki
			Kathryn Mollett
			Andre Baptiste
			Ursula Crane
		The Fallen
			Enzo Giovanni
			Danforth Stern
			Donald Gauntley
		The Election
		The New Directors
			Frédéri Pochard
			Ian Robertson
			Mike Dragons-Wrath
		The Losers
			Sir Frederick Appleton
			Dr. Bentley Chism
			Jimmy Farrington
			David Kaufman
			Darrien Terrell/Lord Aludian Thex
	First Teams
			The Front Door
			Internal Transfers
			Opportunity Knocks
			The Back Door
			In a Perfect World
		The First Teams
			Specialist Teams
			Black Spiral Dancers
			First Team Equipment
			Going Postal
	Storytelling: Hope in Hopelessness
	Cults of the Wyrm
		Cults vs. Cults
		Cult of Despair
			Storytelling Tips
		F.E.A.R. Itself
			Storytelling Tips
		Halimar Heights City Council
			Storytelling Tips
		Pretanic Order
			Storytelling Tips
		The Silver Keys
			Storytelling Tips
			Storytelling Tips
CHAPTER THREE: The Never-Ending Dance
	The First and Final Days
		Black Spiral Ascendant
	Black Spiral Thesis
		Black Spiral Perspective
	Claws of the Wyrm
		The Aristocratic Wolf
		The Corporate Wolf
		The Big Bad Wolf
		The Princes of Ruin
	The Black SpiralLitany
		Serve the Wyrm’s Will — This is His Age
		Beware the Territory of Another
		The Spiral Awaits Those with Open Eyes
		Respect the Strength of the Mighty
		The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest in Station
		All that is not Forbidden is Permitted
		Indulge Your Desires — This is Your World
		The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted
		Suffer Not Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness
		The Leader May Be Challenged at Any Time During Peace
		The Leader May Not Be Challenged During War
		Take No Action That Violates the Security of a Pit
	Where Monsters Dwell
		The Creation of a Pit
	Dens of the Wyrm’s Wolves
		La Bête Noire
			History of La Bête Noire
		The Swallowing Caves
		The Nameless Tower
	Nature of the Beast
		Howlers No More
		Seed of the Wyrm
		Beyond the Wyrm
		Seekers of the Ancients
			The Unending Battle
		World-Strangling Ways
		Flayers of the World’s Skin
	At One with the Wyrm
		The Spiral Inside
	Living with Monsters —Black Spiral Kinfolk
		Becoming the Monster
		The Filial Bulwark
		To Love a Monster
		Kinfolk Stereotypes
	Visions of the Broken Pact
		Black Furies
		Bone Gnawers
		Children of Gaia and the Uktena
		Get of Fenris
		Glass Walkers
		Red Talons
		Shadow Lords
		Silent Striders
		Silver Fangs
	Gaia’s Fallen
		Black Furies
		Bone Gnawers
		Children of Gaia
		Get of Fenris
		Glass Walkers
		Red Talons
		Shadow Lords
		Silent Striders
		Silver Fangs
	Avatars of theApocalypse
		White Hunter Dayalond
		Rhaos Dream-slayer
		Coletta Macomb
		Wedge Tooth
	Playing the Wyrm’sBastards
	Blessings of theDestroyer
			Homid Gifts
			Metis Gifts
			Lupus Gifts
			Ragabash Gifts
			Theurge Gifts
			Philodox Gifts
			Galliard Gifts
			Ahroun Gifts
		Black Spiral DancerTribal Gifts
			Stolen Gifts
			The Dance of the Black Spiral
			Rite of the Flayed God
	Wyrm Totems
		Totems of Cunning
			The Whippoorwill
			Kirijama, “The Hidden Foe”
		Totems of Strength
			The Green Dragon
			Hakaken, “The Heart of Fear”
		Totems of Corruption
			The Dark Fungus
			Relshab, “The Faceless Eater”
			G’lough, “Dance of Corruption”
CHAPTER FOUR: Feeling the Touch
	The Wyrm’s Conscripts: Fomori
		The Role of Wyrm Taint
		Playing Fomori?
		Fomori Breeds
			Ferectoi, the Larvae of the Wyrm
			Flesh Packs
			Gorehounds, Take Two
			Hollow Men
				Example Colony Powers
			Sons of Typhon
		Fomori Families
			Temenathus the Great
	Supernatural Fomori
			Howling Shamblers
		Nope, Doesn't Work
		Everything Else
		Crimson Pestilent
		Rot Walker
		Rust Spider
		Shattered Harts
	Spawn of the Wyrm
		Heart Eaters
		Skull Pigs
	The Fallen
		The Spider-Queen’s Fallen: Antara
			Creating Breakers
			The Shadow War
		Liar-Kings: Histpah
			The Cycle of Lies
			Creating Histpah
		Raven’s Lost Children: Buzzards
			Deleterious Effects
			Growing Up Scabby
			Creating Buzzards
			Madness and Malformation
		Eaters of Secrets: Mnetics
			The Many Memories
			Creating Mnetics
		Hollow Laughter: Bitter-Grins
			The Twisted Totems of Coyote
			Creating a Bitter-Grin
		Forsaken by Rat: The Mad Destroyers
			A Corrupt Courtship
			Creating Fallen Ratkin
		Defiling Sea: Balefire Sharks
			Creating Balefire Sharks
		The Chittering Darkness: Xibalan
			Creating Xibalan
	The Mockery Breeds
		War Wolves
			Cause Insanity (Samsa Only)
			Wait, Cockroach Does What?
			Kerasi and Black Tooth
			Yeren Gifts
	Stranger Things
			Markings of the Abyss
			The Enfolded
			Chulorviah Elder
	The Tainted
		Physical Taints
		Corruption and Free Will
		Mental Taints
			Mental Taint Effects
		The Path of Corruption
			Avoiding Corruption
			Redemption for the Fallen
APPENDIX: Rotten Baubles
		Brush of the Ancients
		Stolen Eye
		Bane Lantern
		Poison Rounds
		Pus Armor
		Balefire Thrower
		Ionone Gas
		Kiss of the Wyrm
		The Nature of Taint
		Black Dog Game Factory
			Space Accountant
			Lycanthrope: The Rapture 17th Anniversary Edition
			Endron Regular Unleaded
			Falcon Pathfinder
		King Breweries
			Blue Stripe
			Woody Creek
		NikNak Computing
			Killer’s Pledge
			Thrill of Service
		RED Network
			Mega Cage
			Battle News
	First Team Equipment
		Full Force Solutions
			FT-13, PX-66F and more
			Whisper Rounds
		Avalon Incorporated
			Doc Chaney’s Involuntary Reaction(IR) Filters
		Endron Oil
		Sunburst Computers
		Magadon Pharmaceuticals
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tive of righteous hatred, the kind of obliviating force that
strips bare his core, washing over him a torrent of Rage
allows a Garou to survive the Labyrinth and transcend
his original nature in the first place.

The werewolf’s physical appearance can also change,
subtly or overtly. These changes may be incredibly ap-
parent in Crinos: anything from bat ears or muzzles that
unzip like flower petals, to greenish werewolves covered
in needle-fanged, flesh-eating tumors. Or they may be
less-overt changes, like the Garou’s coat steadily turning
white, or his Homid form developing a perfect, wicked
symmetry. Balefire burns away the imperfections, leaving
the hollow survivor a vision of decadence and an object
of tremendous lust.

Rarely is this transformation subtle. With it comes
the dark blessing of the Wyrm, an induction into his
twisted mirror of the Pact that binds the Garou to the
world of spirits.

The Spiral Inside
The curse of the Spirals is the seed of the Wyrm inside

every Garou heart. Rage is proof of the Wyrm’s hand in the
creation of the Garou, though most deny with empowered
vehemence the presence of their dark Father.

Yet the Spirals have persisted and pervaded, taking
Garou Kinfolk for their own, and dragging pure Garou
down into their Pits, to force them to walk the Black
Spiral. In many cases, the Spiral stance: the Apocalypse
is over, stop struggling, and give in to Rage, has drawn
many Garou willingly into the Pits of their sworn enemies.
But this isn’t always required.

The example of Nathan Rocksye, a New England Get,
is instructive. Rage and lust were the Wyrm’s way into his
heart. His love was forsaken; the object of his desire, also
Garou would not love him back. They were the best of
friends, and the attraction was mutual, but she followed the
Litany, and she disdained the horrors of the metis. When
she took a Kinfolk lover, he left the pack and became prey
for both the Wyrm and his passions. He lost himself in
his war with the Wyrm, and when she finally found him,
he was out of his mind with Rage. Driving her down, he
attempted to throttle her into submission so that he might
partake of her body. But the man inside rallied, he fought
back from the precipice, finally flinging her away winded
but unharmed, and fled into the wilderness.

With all the urgency of one who sees a disaster loom-
ing, she gathered her pack to give chase, and find him
before the Spirals could.

The Garou have a term for those werewolves con-
sumed by lust, or hunger, or other qualities of the Beast,
and untamed by higher reason or the sustaining nature
of Gaia. They said it of Nathan Rocksye as well: “he

walks the Spiral inside.” The belief is that such Garou are
already on the Spiral in their hearts and in their minds.
The Wyrm and its agents must soon follow, to take the
Garou to a Pit where he might face the monster within
and accept it, and become it.

In the case of Nathan Rocksye, his pack arrived just
as Rocksye stood at the precipice of a Pit, surrounded by
Black Spiral Dancers. But before they could throw him
into the Spiral, he surprised them with his sudden berserker
rage, slaying three of the Wyrm’s wolves and scattering
two others. However, when his pack tried to approach, he
drove them off and warned them not to follow — her most
of all — and then disappeared. His last known residence
was Hither Woods, near Montauk.

Living with Monsters —
Black Spiral Kinfolk

Once it was easy to think the Black Spiral Dancers
had no weakness, that they held nothing sacred, nor
cherished anyone. Once it would have been easy to look
at the degenerate children of the Black Spiral Dancers
and brand as victims and future monsters, writing them
off as products of the psychotic torment they are subject
to from the time of their birth.

Times have changed.
Though examples abound of the Spirals rutting in

degeneracy and tormenting their offspring into greater
states of insanity, the more prominent example of Spiral
Kinfolk is also much easier to miss. These Kinfolk live in
houses and apartments, go to school, hold jobs, and act
as a stable buffer between the world and their monstrous
relatives, whom they help to conceal behind the Veil of
their own, apparently normal lives.

Such children, lovers, and associates lead anything
but ordinary lives. They know that their existence is one
of requirements, of demand and response. Sometimes they
need to run errands, to have the car’s engine running and
the doors unlocked at a particular time. Sometimes they
are required to answer phones attached to dead lines from
numbers that have no origin in the bank of telephone
registries. Sometimes they must answer to the Beast, in
the most literal of terms. Sometimes they are required to
kill. Rarely are they required to love, but they are always
required to fuck. In all of these demands and responses,
there is one common thread, one issuance that never
changes: the Kinfolk are a tool that ensures the survival
of the Black Spiral Dancers. Their actions always lead
back to that common thread, whether it be by paying rent
on a place to hide, to killing someone who knows too
much, to giving birth to the next Black Spiral Dancer.

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In all of this, they are the vector through which the
Spiral tribe perpetuates.

The Filial Bulwark
The relationship between Spiral and Kinfolk involves

a necessary remove. The werewolf keeps his distance,
emotionally and physically, to limit the amount of con-
tact between her family and the Wyrm. As corruption
and a corrosion of sanity are both real threats to those
exposed to the Wyrm, a Spiral is generally a distant figure
in the lives of her mortal relatives. She is a mysterious
face haunting photo albums, or a name heard only in
whispers at family reunions.

Not even a hundred years ago, the Black Spiral Danc-
ers still believed in rigorously educating their children,
filling them with knowledge spun from the Wyrm’s
perspective of Gaia and the Garou, and on preparing

them for the war at hand. However, as more Spirals
found lasting, even prosperous lives on the surface, as the
monsters became more self-sustaining and able to blend
into society, using it as a shield to survive; more Spirals
began to find strength in stability. With this migration,
the Spirals began to realize the value of their kin being
able to function in society and walk where they could
not walk, and speak where the Spirals needed voices.
This necessitated a change in the role of Kinfolk, from
uneducated broodmares to sophisticated, educated agents.
Such Kinfolk knew only what they needed to know,
and existed in family units where members varied in
knowledge of their werewolf progenitors.

Even into the early twenty-first century, tradition-
alist Spirals argued that Kinfolk who weren’t prepared
to receive the blessing of the Wyrm would spawn weak
werewolves, fit only to die shortly after the First Change.
This argument lost its weight with the appearance of a
Spiral named Alan Rixby, who was wholly unprepared
for what he would become. His mother, a Black Spiral
Dancer, had deliberately hidden the truth of his existence
from him, allowing him to feel unloved and unwanted.
He crept through his life in terror of her mood swings,
and of the truth he knew, somewhere in the back of his
mind, that his family was not all right and that something
was terribly wrong with mother.

Unprepared for the truth, Rixby’s terror, his fear, his
anger, and worst of all — the sudden rightness, the sense
of it all — sent him whirling down the Spiral inside,
making him a vessel of the Wyrm before he ever set
foot into a Pit. His mother’s last words before he pushed
his face through her chest were “Give mama a hug.”
Long after her death, her phantom Crinos remained
entangled in the aura of his hatred and pain, leaping
to his defense and guiding him in the ways of destruc-
tion. He was one of the most effective Spirals of the
decade. The Spirals needed no further proof for what
was by then so obvious: this was just another case of
how their kind could draw tremendous power from the
suffering caused by betrayal. Many began to see that it
was the lack of preparation, combined with the hope of
some sort of normal life, which made the Black Spiral
transformation potent and deadly.

Another advantage to the distance between the
Spirals and their Kinfolk is the deniability that makes
their Kinfolk viable as objects of conquest and mates
to the Garou. While some Kinfolk have traveled into
the foulest Pits and beheld the awful majesty of the
Wyrm, many only had brushes with malignant spirits,
or understood the Wyrm by the faintest clues. It’s easy
for the Garou to kill Kinfolk who are psychotic mass
murderers and cannibalistic thralls, but it is hard for them
to murder Kinfolk who barely even have any concept

Some Garou believe the Spiral curse ex-

ists within all werewolves. This belief is rarely
literal, but speaks to one of the greatest fears in
the hearts of Garou. In werewolves, self-control
is the most important, defining factor in one’s
existence. The Garou’s conflict with the Wyrm
begins with the battle inside, to fight the Wyrm
that lurks within his heart, taking root in feelings
of physical desire, jealousy, anger, and hunger.
There the Garou builds a labyrinth for himself,
and it is the Wyrm’s desire to see that he walks it.

In a more literal sense, the curse of the Black
Spirals lives in many Garou, not all of whom
are members, or captives, of Black Spiral packs.
The curse, and the inclination to do harm and
embrace the Beast are so much stronger in these
Garou, who “walk the Spiral inside” every day of
their lives. Indeed, history has seen Garou who
have walked the path of darkness, in pursuit of
some great want, some forbidden love, or path
of bloody vengeance, only to face consumption
by the essence of the Wyrm. The Black Spiral
Dancers avidly pursue such spontaneously cre-
ated horrors, considering them near-members of
the tribe already. They need only to walk the
spiral in the flesh, and glimpse with their eyes
the Wyrm they have already found in their soul,
for their induction to be complete.

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Coils of the Corruptor
FromFrom the Umbral realm of Malfeas to the boardrooms of Pentex and
its subsidiaries, minions of the Wyrm plot to kill Gaia. Warped fomori,
monstrous Banes, and Wyrm-tainted shapeshifters lash out at the
world with acidic claws. The Maeljin Incarna steals the easily forgot-
ten, ignored, or missed to populate their perverse realms. Factories
belch smoke that blackens the sky, and toxic waste floods into rivers
and seas. The heads of the Hydra see what they have done to the
world and know that it is goworld and know that it is good.

Strangling the World
Once long ago, the Wyrm was an agent of Balance. Now, strangled by
the Weaver’s webs, it strikes out in madness and pain. If it can poison
the world, sow cancer and disease throughout all that is, it might fi-
nally be free.

Book of the Wyrm contains:
• All-new lore and background on the corrupting Wyrm
• Information on the Wyrm’s minions, from fomori to Skull Pigs to
• An in-depth look at the Black Spiral Dancers, twisted mockeries of


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