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Dear friend,

Congratulations! RIGHT NOW is your time to finally break free and earn
all the money you are meant to earn so you can live the lifestyle you are
truly meant to live!

EVERY major athlete, chess player, skydiver, performer, musician or highly
successful business owner knows that they must win the “INNER GAME”
before they will ever win the “OUTER GAME” and produce the results they
desire. Now you can win the inner game of money the same way!

It may sound crazy to think that brain science has anything to do with
achieving financial success but the latest brain research shows that it does.

If you are serious about doubling your income or creating massive wealth and
are now ready to learn what the next steps are, my “WINNING THE GAME
OF MONEY” Advanced Training Session will teach you step by step how to
retrain your brain so you can finally “Win the Game” to your financial success.
Only when your “Inner Game” is working optimally, will your “Outer Game”
produce the financial results you
secretly want and desire.

This Special Advanced Training will:

1. Provide you the knowledge and
understanding of what’s really
holding you back from reaching
your financial potential and how to
break free right now.

2. Show you what’s keeping you stuck at your
current income level right now.

3. Spell out in detail what it’s really going to
take to live up to your financial potential and
make your dream life a reality.

4. Show you a NeuroTraining System that will
help you retrain your brain for higher levels of
financial success.

less than you know that you are capable of achieving!


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Contest InstruCtIons

How to WIN a 2-hour consulting session
with John Assaraf worth $5,000!

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© 2011 Praxis Now, LLC. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate.

WIN! $5,000 2-Hour Consulting Session
with John Assaraf!

Each winner will receive two hours of one-on-one consulting time with John
Assaraf. Because contestants are from all over the world, consulting will occur
by phone or Skype. Winning contestants must be available at the agreed-upon
scheduled time or forfeit their consultation.

To be entered in the contest, turn to page 12 and follow along in the Special
Advanced Training broadcast, and John will GIVE you the correct answers to
each of the simple multiple choice questions. This is designed to be more than
a contest, but also a way to help the critical information “stick” better so you
can apply it in your life to retrain your brain make more money!

After the broadcast, follow the instructions below and email us your answers.
Each quarter, a lucky winner will be drawn from all the applicants for that 3
month period.

Have your Playbook ready
during your scheduled training time!

Contest Instructions
1. As you watch the Special Advanced Training session, answer the questions

on page 12 correctly. John will give you the answers during the course
of the training.

2. Your FINAL question will be given at the end of the Special Advanced Training.

3. Email your answers to: [email protected] and use the
subject line “Special Advanced Training Contest Entry.”

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4. Your Financial Thermostat is designed to:

A. Help you keep a cool head in all your financial transactions

B. Keep you hot when you’re on a hot winning streak

C. Allow you to breakthrough financially and live your dreams

D. Hold you in your comfort zone financially

5. In Step Four John shares a crucial process that most people don’t do, what is it?

A. Write down the order you expect to accomplish your goals

B. Visualize and emotionalize your goals like an actor

C. Draw a line down the middle of the page and list pros and cons

D. Use the key point system to gauge the practicality of your goals

6. John identifies this as a crucial advantage people who breakthrough
financially have over those who just drift along:

A. Meditation, focus and willpower

B. A bedside notebook to write down moneymaking ideas

C. An accountability partner

D. A certified neurosurgeon qualified to reopen clogged neural pathways

7. Your final question will be given near the end of the training. Listen
carefully and select your answer here:





Note your answers in an email and send to: [email protected] Use the subject line “Special
Advanced Training Contest Entry,” and you will be entered to win a 2-hour consulting session with John Assaraf
worth $5,000! For more information on the contest, please review the Contest Instructions and Contest Rules.

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