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The sexuality of the Taurus woman may lead her to become what is called a "gold digger." Often

but not intentionally she may use her sexuality to gain wealth and to seek financial security. The

Taurus woman looks for a healthy sexual relationship and is not consumed with dominance of

the woman born under the sign of Aries. The Taurus woman wants all or nothing in a sexual

relationship with her partner. She demands stoic loyalty because of her high tolerance level that

translates into putting up with a lot before getting her just deserved sexual satisfaction. The

Taurus woman has a strong need for affection, though not always given back from her lover or

sexual partner. The Taurus woman trusts men more so than women but have strong will power

not to be betrayed by her partner sexually or while in a relationship. The Taurus woman yearns

for adventure and will often explore new sensual routes to achieve sexual satisfaction. For all this

yearning for adventure, the Taurus woman will seldom look for sex outside of her marriage.

Taurus as the Earth Goddess is a very passionate and sexual person.

Gemini Sexuality May 21 - June 20

The Gemini woman is imaginative and adds excitement to her sexuality. The Gemini has a

strong intelligence and wants to be free to explore her sexuality with her partner at she is the sign

of mutable air. The Gemini woman will not have a problem meeting men as she makes friends

easily because of wit, talkativeness and cleverness. As the Gemini is quick to learn, she makes

and puts the man in a more dominant role during sex. Also the Gemini woman likes fantasy

which would liven up any sexual experience. However, the Gemini woman does not like

commitments which may be appealing to some men who are anxious to get into a relationship

with such an exciting woman. The Gemini woman will not date a married man as her

intelligence will let her know the shallowness of such a relationship. But the Gemini woman will

more often than not, marry more than once during her lifetime of experiences with men.

The Gemini woman does not like to be bored which is a plus for men who consider sex not to be

a mundane activity. In this bout to seek excitement, the Gemini woman needs to develop a strong

sense of compassion for her lover. The Gemini woman will only be satisfied in a love

relationship if the man provides most of what she needs so that she can relax some of the energy

of constantly thinking about new ways of doing things. Two key words to understand the

sexuality of the Gemini woman is that she craves excitement and would like to integrate her

mental satisfaction with that on a physical realm which may be too overwhelming for some men.

Sexuality of Women Zodiac Sign of Cancer June 21-July 22

Women born under the zodiac sign of cancer is nurturing in her sexuality. Men who likes to take

their sexual sensuality slowly will be pleased with the patience of a woman born under the sign

of Cancer. She is shy but have a very high sex drive full of surprises. Members of the opposite

sex will find it difficult to resist a woman born under this sign. The woman born under this sign

is more physical than verbal which is a trait that most men would like to have as part of a

woman's sexuality. Also visual stimulation is not sufficient for the woman born under this zodiac

sign and she will want the physical or sexual encounter above talking or seeing. This woman of

sexuality will likely use her walking, smelling, cooking and smiling to attract her man.

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woman. The Virgo woman opposite sign is Pisces who is attracted by her innocent yet sexual


The Sexuality of Libra

The sexuality of Libra is that of charismatic and sentiment. Her astrological symbol is the scales

which symbolizes a balance with human nature and the natural order of human balance. The

Libra woman is an expert at the sexual seduction of men and have very feminine qualities. Being

a social person makes her sexual seduction of men all the more easier as the Libra woman is very

outgoing. As this social person, the Libra woman is rarely satisfied with her sexual partner as she

continues to search for the ideal mate that completes her sexual fantasy. The Libra woman is

constantly on the prow for a compatible mate because of her innate fear of being hurt

emotionally. The Libra woman often falls in and out of love being in love with the idea of love


Most Libra women however, marries early and then marry again because of her quest for the

ideal sexual partner. The Libra woman likes to experiment with sex and has a no holds bar

outlook that attracts men. In this whirlwind to find the right sexual partner and mate, the Libra

woman may be attracted to much older men as she also searches for financial security in addition

to her own means of sexual survival and satisfaction. In the actual sexual act, the Libra woman

needs to be built up to sexual arousal with words, cuddling and a luxurious sexy surrounding.

The Libra woman's sexual partner will not be disappointed as the Libra woman a perceives the

enjoyment of sex as highly connected to the satisfaction of female body.

The Sexuality of Scorpio October 23 - November 21

The sexuality of the Scorpio woman with the zodiac sign of Fixed Water gives her senses of

regenerating sexual prowess. The Scorpio woman has an obsession with power and may take the

lead in initiating sexual relationships. The Scorpio woman however is all woman and is real in

her pursuit of power both inside and outside of her sexuality. Men may have a problem with the

Scorpio woman because of her assertiveness in getting what she wants by manipulating the

power structure, whatever that may be. The Scorpio woman is an extremist wanting all or

nothing and will not tolerate sharing her sexual partner with another. The Scorpio woman is quite

ambitious in her sexual pursuits and once she finds the sexual partner of her choice, she does not

share him and will not take excuses for sexual incompetence that weakens the relationship.

The Scorpio woman operates under a double standard. The woman born under the sign of

Scorpio will not tolerate her man sharing her sexuality with another woman but is not hindered

from looking for sexual relationship in other places. Sounds unfair, not to the Scorpio woman

who is obsessed with power when it comes to her sexual satisfaction. The propensity for her to

wander may be because Scorpio is synonymous in people’s minds with sex. Most Scorpio

women exudes sexuality looking for a man with a high sex drive with plenty of staying power.

The Scorpio woman enjoys sex in exotic places and compels her man to satisfy her sexually the

the fullest.

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