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Railroad Media Presents...

By Jared Falk, Sean Lang, and
Dave Atkinson

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DVD #5 | Module #8 - Double Pedal Single Strokes (Dave)



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The Swivel Technique
The swivel technique is a great tool that can be used to play fast single strokes with
either a double or single bass drum pedal, or as a tool to help you play single stroke
rolls with the feet for longer periods of time. With the swivel technique, the feet pivot
on the pedals with the toes while the heels move from side to side. This will create a
stroke each time you swivel your foot. In this lesson, Dave shows you how this tech-
nique works and how you can use it to increase your endurance level.

If your still struggling with this technique make sure to check out module 18 where
Dave performs this technique in slow motion so you can see exactly how his legs
and feet behave.

Practicing Along To Music
There are a lot of drummers that don’t like to practice with a metronome. Don’t worry
if you’re one of them. You can use loops or music (with or without drums) instead of
a metronome. Since 99% of today’s music is recorded to a click track, you’ll have fun
tracks with no tempo fluctuations to practice along to. This is a great way of practicing
your double bass runs or just to experiment with different ideas on the double bass. In
this lesson, Dave gives you some tips on how to practice double bass with play alongs
or songs. He then plays along to YUCA’s song “Tomorrow” from their self-titled debut
album, showing you how you can use a song with no double bass to practice double

For more playalongs like this, make sure you check out modules 15, 16 and 17. First
watch the instructor play along to the song then use the provided audio CD’s to play
along yourself.

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CD #9
Play Alongs With Drums
(Jared & Dave)

CD #10
Play Alongs With Drums

1. Dave - Gold In Your Soul
2. Dave - Skin & bones
3. Dave - 2-19
4. Dave - Half Time Rock
5. Dave - Fast Rock
6. Dave - Metal 160 BPM
7. Dave - Shuffle 160 BPM
8. Dave - Straight Rock 80 BPM
9. Dave - Punk 160 BPM
10. Dave - Drum & Bass 160 BPM
11. Jared - Half Time Rock
12. Jared - Fast Rock
13. Jared - Metal 120 BPM
14. Jared - Straight Rock 100 BPM
15. Jared - Drum & Bass 180 BPM

1. Groovy
2. Unearthed
3. Ouch
4. Severed Inception
5. This Ghost Of Ours
6. Black Cloud
7. Fast Rock
8. Half Time Rock
9. Drum & Bass 160 BPM
10. Metal 200 BPM
11. Shuffle 160 BPM
12. Straight Rock 80 BPM
13. Punk 200 BPM

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Credits and Special Thanks

Shot at Railroad Media in Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Featuring: Jared Falk, Sean Lang, Dave Atkinson

Executive Producers & Directors: Jared Falk, Rick Kettner

Executive Post Editor: Jamie Falk

Chief Audio Engineer: Victor Guidera

Audio Mastering: Victor Guidera

Graphic and Production Design: Jamie Falk

Photography: Jayme Lang

Book Design and Editing: Jamie Falk, Jordan Hagel

Video Editing: Jamie Falk, Trent Harms, Jordan Hagel

Sponsors: Casey Drums, Evans Drum Heads

Railroad Media Inc.

Bass Drum Secrets 2.0 copyright 2011

Railroad Media Inc. All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Jared would like to thank: Jamie Falk, Victor Guidera, My Wife Shannah Falk, My
Family and Friends.

Sean would like to thank: The Railroad Media Crew, My Friends and Family, My Wife,
and All My Positive Inspirations and Role Models That Have Been In My Life.

Dave would like to thank: My Sister April, My Parents, My Girlfriend Heavenly, and
The Railroad Media Crew.

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